Thursday, December 11, 2014

-Police brutality and the Garner Case


            Eric Garner was certainly no rocket scientist. He had been arrested several times in Staten Island for selling “loosies,” or loose cigarettes to people who avoid the purchase of a pack that costs around $12 or more. A loosie costs about 75 cents.

            The shameful part of his death is the fact that it did not have to happen. Poor judgment on his behalf, the City of New York, and a few malevolent idiots on the police force are what ultimately caused his demise.

Officer Pantaleo Choking Eric Garner -
            The infinitesimal wisdom of the City of New York’s exalted bureaucrats is to discourage people from smoking and make money for the city by raising taxes on cancer sticks sold in their jurisdiction.

     The problem with this logic is that higher cigarette prices drive customers to avoid the higher price by buying loosies from someone like Garner or by smuggling in smokes from areas that have lower taxes.

     Since 2006, the city has raised its taxes on lung destroyers over 200 percent resulting in and estimated 50 percent of its coffin nails being imported from some place else.

     Naturally this offends the powers that be so they hire goon-squad police officers like chokehold specialist Officer Daniel Pantaleo to bully people around who violate such a superficial law.

NYC Officer Daniel Pantaleo -
     On July 17th of this year Garner, obviously someone hard pressed for cash, and several overly aggressive New York City Police Officers including Pantaleo came face to face. A stupid law enforced by idiots and a guy selling loosies clashed and Garner was dead in a blink of an eye.

     Prior to his death Garner repeated several times, “I can’t breath.” All the while his killer, Officer Pantaleo was choking him. Pantaleo did not even display one moment of sympathy for Garner by easing up on his grip. Instead he continued to choke Garner until he died. A local grand jury decided that no charges should be brought against Pantaleo.

     This combination of events, stop-and-frisk policies, and others like the Michael Brown shooting have tipped the scales of the population’s emotions and anger towards police officers mostly in cities where racial tensions have been high for decades.

     Garner’s death could have been avoided if only The City of New York would have imposed more reasonable taxes to discourage the sale of loosies and the illegal importing of smokes. They could have better trained their officers to disperse people who commit petty offences rather than physically engaging them; though chokeholds are forbidden.
Eric Garner Memorial -

     A simple ticket and an order for Garner to move on would have avoided all of the anguish caused by choke-happy-officer Pantaleo and the City of New York’s ridiculous cigarette tax laws.

     Hopefully if there is a Federal Grand Jury called for this case they won’t be as sympathetic as the one in New York. Pantaleo should go to prison for violating Garner’s constitutional rights as NYC Police officer Frances Livoti did in 1994 when he choked Anthony Baez to death over a football hitting a squad car.   

     Accordingly, the City of New York should be obligated to pay the Garner family a large sum for their loss.


-I am NOT Michael Brown


The sacking, looting, and burning of Ferguson Missouri on the 24th of November has become another despicable moment in American History. Police cars were flipped and some were set on fire by Visigoths trying to correct perceived injustices caused by police.

Police car burns in Ferguson -
Although in the Michael Brown case his death appears to be a result of his own stupidity.

On the day he was shot to death, Brown threw a shop operator around like a sack of garbage on video then waltzed down the middle of the street like he owned the town itself. Shortly after being asked to get off of the street by Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson police department, a fight ensued and Brown was on the receiving end of his just desserts for bullying a shopkeeper, delaying traffic, and fighting with a cop. Karma is a bitch!

It’s common knowledge, however, that racist police have killed blacks long before the Michael Brown case. Back in 1964, Neshoba County Mississippi Deputy Sheriff Cecil Price arrested and turned three Congress of Racial Equality or CORE civil rights workers over to the Klu Klux Klan. They were executed as a result. 

Slain Civil Rights workers -
James Chaney, one of the three CORE members that were killed was black. The other murdered civil rights workers Michael Schwerner and Andrew Goodman were both white.

But in the case of Officer Darren Wilson, where is the evidence that he was a racist like Deputy Sheriff Price? If anything, it appears that Officer Wilson was defending himself against an abusive thug who took pleasure in robbing and pushing around a shopkeeper much smaller than him. Even if Officer Wilson was acting illegally by shooting Brown, does burning down businesses in the neighborhood bring justice?

Burning down businesses, torching cars, and making Ferguson look more like a war zone than a civilized town appears to justify the argument that police must use deadly force against blacks because they act so violently and uncivilized compared to everyone else.

Although most blacks are not violent, protests like this promote a violent image of black youth. However, disproportionate amounts of black youth are dead or in prison because of gang violence. Couple that with the violent protests in Ferguson and the image of the black community has been tarnished in the minds of many. 

"I have a dream speech" August 28, 1963
The wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr. and his peaceful method of protest is obvious here. If peaceful civil rights workers are beaten or killed by police, the police look bad and it becomes obvious as to whom the bad characters are.

But if people seeking justice for a shooting they consider to be performed by a racist cop protest violently by destroying the town that they live in to the amazement of millions watching worldwide, then the protesters look like the bad characters. Therefore their violent protests are contradictory to the goals that they are trying to achieve.

The Ferguson Vandals, have disgraced the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with their violent behavior. If there was a need to find justice for Michael Brown, it is certainly lost at this point. Not to mention the many businesses that may not reopen due to the fact that marauders have stolen their merchandise and burned down their buildings.

The hordes of non compos mentis have really put their town, the credibility of the black community, and their business districts in a fix that could take years to resolve. As a result of their stupidity, they could ultimately turn Ferguson Missouri into a town no one in their right mind would invest in while actual police abuse cases may not be taken seriously as the believability of the black community has been compromised.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

-It’s time for Ferguson to chill out and Smoke a Swisher Sweet


    Back in August of this year, miscreants Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson walked into a store in Ferguson Missouri, and according to some accounts, stole a box of Swisher Sweet cigars and headed for the exit.

Michael Brown -
    The store’s video recording reveals what happened to a shop worker trying to stop Brown from exiting the store with the stolen merchandise. The video shows Brown demonstrating anti-social behavior by tossing the clerk around like he was a rag-doll then exiting the store.

    Moments later while walking down the street with his buddy Johnson and his plundered cigars, Brown shockingly managed to get himself into an altercation with Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson which resulted in Brown getting shot six times and dying from his injuries.

    The altercation between the two is said to have stemmed from the officer demanding that Brown and Johnson get off of the street and onto the sidewalk because they were blocking traffic.

Dorian Johnson -

    There is much debate as to whether the officer acted to protect himself from Brown attempting to add the officer’s gun to his collection of plundered goods or the officer was hot headed and shot Brown because he failed to obey his commands. Not because Brown went for his firearm.

    Considering the way Brown and his sidekick behaved at the store, it would not be hard to believe that they were prone to being inconsiderate to other people and their feelings while enjoying their leisurely stroll and freshly lifted booty.

    The exact details in Brown’s death are questionable. His partner in crime Johnson says that Brown was shot from the back and at one point had his hands up while Officer Wilson opened up on Brown like a Bolshevik firing squad.

Officer Darren Wilson

    Some witnesses suggest that Brown was running away from the officer when he was shot. An autopsy performed by former New York City medical examiner Michael Baden declares Brown’s gunshot wounds were received from the front.

    Johnson’s credibility should be held in the lowest regard since he was an accomplice in the cigar theft. Yet the autopsy performed on Brown by Baden does not provide a step-by-step recreation of the shooting either, leaving many in the dark as to what actually happened between Brown and Officer Wilson.

    Despite the ambiguity of the eyewitness testimony and the autopsy report, the day after the shooting, a candle light vigil became violent. One upstanding citizen of Ferguson was photographed through broken glass inside of a store holding several bottles while trying to hide his face with his shirt.

Yummy Swisher Sweets -

    It is understandable why the people of Ferguson were upset over the death of a young black man as a result of an altercation with a white police officer considering our country’s history. However, using this shooting as an excuse to sack and loot local stores is just as inappropriate as the same actions taken by wild crowds in Los Angeles back in 1992 after a Ventura County California court acquitted four LA police officers of beating Rodney King like a piñata after a high speed chase. 

    If the good people of Ferguson want to be taken seriously and get justice for the shooting of Michael Brown, they first have to understand that it is best to allow an investigation to follow a shooting before taking to the streets.

Rodney King -

    There is no point in throwing rocks at police, getting shot, and damaging the community based on poor information. In all fairness, some police were reportedly making derogatory remarks to protestors following the shooting intensifying the situation. This behavior was unprofessional on their behalf calling into question the police department’s credibility.

    The good citizens of Ferguson also need to take an example from the history books before acting out violently. They need to learn from assassinated civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. who had all of the same reasons to be angry. Yet he learned from Mahatma Gandhi to protest peacefully.

    Dr. King spoke to 8,000 mourners of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in “Bombingham” Alabama back in 1963 that killed four girls shortly after his “I have a dream” speech in Washington. King said that life was “As hard as crucible steel” and “The innocent blood of these little girls may well serve as the redemptive force that will bring new light to this dark city.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. -

    Martin Luther King Jr. had every reason to be angry as a black man considering the period that he lived in, yet he held his head high and continued to deliver a message of peace. Till this day in the minds of many King is regarded as a great man who demonstrated great patients and leadership while faced with tremendous adversity.

    The people of Ferguson are faced with a grand jury decision not to indict Officer Wilson for the death of Michael Brown, or a jury that could acquit him if he is indicted should keep this in mind before destroying their community and their credibility over the death of a common thug.


-Church Bombing

-Brown Shooting


Saturday, November 8, 2014

-Obama Continues to Botch Ebola Crisis


            One of the most disappointing efforts to come from the Obama administration has been be the way he has handled the Ebola crisis that is coming out of West Africa. Since the Ebola virus entered the United States with the first man, Thomas Eric Duncan, who died from the disease on October 8 of this year, the president has held the position that US African travel restrictions would only harm the effort to fight the spread of Ebola.

Obama the Clown -

            Since the president has refused to enact any travel restrictions or civilian quarantines to help curtail the spread of this terrible contagion, several more people, have been infected with the disease while working here in the United States.

    Nurses Amber Vinson and Nina Pham contracted the disease while treating Duncan at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas causing people to wonder just how “hard” it is for this disease to spread as the president and his talking heads at the CDC and NIH would like us to believe. Luckily, both women have been treated and were released apparently with no further complications.
            The president’s refusal to enact travel restrictions to allow for essential personnel to enter and leave Africa will only result in more infected people like Duncan to enter the country and increase the risk spreading the disease. Dr. Craig Spencer contracted the disease while working in Africa with Ebola patients. He used public transportation and even went bowling with his friends before realizing that he was sick. 

Dr. Craig Spencer -

            If proper travel restrictions and quarantines would have been in place, Dr. Spencer would have developed his symptoms while in Africa while isolated and not after socializing with his buddies which put his friends and others at risk for contracting a disease that can be spread via sweat.

            The president’s lack of professional protocols has caused the Governors from Illinois, New Jersey, and New York to enact quarantine policies and sequester aid workers that have come into contact with Ebola patients in Africa to the disdain of the president. Many other states have enacted other restrictions in response to the president’s lack of leadership in this crisis.

            Nurse Kaci Hickox was militant over New Jersey’s quarantine policy. She was released after being isolate for a few days, but is expected to be monitored back in her home state of Maine until the 21-day quarantine period is over. Yet she was defiant for awhile and refused to follow the quarantine because she felt that because she has no symptoms she should be allowed to do whatever she wants. Thankfully she came to her senses and agreed to abide by the quarantine.

Nurse Kaci Hickox -
            The Hickox case only proves why a mandatory quarantine policy should be enacted for people traveling from Africa to the Unites States. She could be contagious in a short time, yet she was arrogant enough to ignore this fact and carry on with her life despite the potential risk that she posed to others. Self quarantining would not work when it comes to health workers like Hickox.
            Historically quarantines have been enforced to protect the general population from contagion. In 1666, you were required to stay in your home in Frankfurt and were prohibited from going to church or the market if your house was plague ridden. In 1712, England passed the Quarantine Act in response to the plague spreading in the Baltic Sea. Ships trying to enter England had to keep their cargo on the ship for 40-days before delivery.

            During the mass migration of people from Europe of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, people were medically inspected at Ellis Island. If they were sick, they were sent to the hospital to be treated. If they could not be cured they were sent back.

Ellis Island Hospital NY -

          It’s odd that people over 100 years ago understood the dangers of contagion, but this president who was born in an age of antibiotics and vaccinations is naïve enough to ignore the dangers of Ebola and the expense of treating it. Just one generation of people before the president saw their friends suffer with polio with a permanent residence inside of an iron lung.

          Ironically, the president is requiring the military to quarantine their personnel in Italy because he says they are used to working in "more restrictive conditions." Whereas quarantining Doctors could deter them from wanting to volunteer in the future if they have to be detained upon their trip back to the states.

            The president’s double standard logic is hysterical. If quarantine is good for the military than why not for doctors that come into contact with Ebola patients? Does a virus know the difference? This lack of leadership on the president’s part has caused the states to mutiny from the national plan and to form plans their own to prevent an outbreak in their state.

    Honestly, the president and his talking heads in Washington look so foolish it’s beyond words to describe it. He truly is one of the worst presidents to inhabit that office. And people back in the 70’s thought Jimmy Carter sucked.