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-Ebola Outbreak in US Raises many Questions


The Federal Government of the Unites States has dropped the ball once again. On the 30th of September, the Centers for Disease Control announced that a critically ill person who traveled to and from Liberia is infected with the Ebola Virus and is being treated at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas.
Ebola Virus -

What the government is not saying is why they did not restrict travel from the US to West African countries that have been hit heavily by this disease in the first place. Considering the fact that there is no known cure for this virus and it kills 90% of the people who are infected by it, you would think travel restrictions and better screening would have been implemented long ago.

Ebola is an infectious disease that has killed about 3000 people since the disease was first discovered in Zaire back in 1976. 1837 of those deaths have occurred since March of this year! Yet the best the State Department could do was to warn travelers of the dangers of “non-essential” travel to Liberia?

Currently US Citizens are not allowed to fly to Cuba directly because of previous cold war tensions and disgruntled Cuban exiles, yet a US Citizen can fly right into an area where a major incurable viral outbreak is occurring. Obviously the Federal Government has no sense of balance on this issue. Are old communists in Cuba more dangerous than the Ebola virus?
Victims of Ebola -

The Ebola virus spreads via body fluids and it attacks blood-clotting cells that result in the infected person hemorrhaging to death. There are no known anti-viral drugs or vaccines that are effective against Ebola.

Doctors treat people infected with Ebola with IV’s, oxygen, and medications to combat any infections the patient may develop while spending their time in strict isolation to prevent others from contracting the disease.

To further demonstrate the Federal Government’s incompetent approach to this problem, to help prevent people from bringing Ebola from Africa to the United States, Dr. Frieden of the CDC said the agency is working with airports around the world to isolate travelers with fevers to see if they are infected with Ebola.
Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the CDC -

What Dr. Frieden has not stated is how they can screen people with Ebola before they develop a fever. By the time someone develops a fever from an Ebola infection, the victim is able transmit the disease and is a threat to others.

But what if a person is infected with Ebola and shows no symptoms of the disease? Would it be safe to have unprotected sex with an Ebola carrier?

The Texas patient infected with Ebola reportedly had no symptoms when flying back to the US. So how effective would a fever test have been in keeping this person or an asymptomatic infectious carrier from entering the United States?

Our inglorious fearless leader, President Barrack Obama, has recently pledged to send 3,000 US troops to Ebola ridden West Africa to help built treatment facilities, command posts, train health care workers, pass out home care kits to hundreds of thousands of households, and generally increase the risk of our people being exposed and infected with Ebola which could be brought back to the US via asymptomatic carriers. Such an event could cause an Ebola outbreak to occur in this country.
President Barack Obama -

     It is not clear as to how well trained or protected our personnel will be when they are over there. Nor is it clear as to how thoroughly our people will be tested before returning to the US to prevent an outbreak here.

It is clear however, that our government is putting its nose into something that we will regret in the long run. How many of our people will bring the disease back home? How far will the disease spread in the US? Considering the fact that the Federal Government is in charge of the operation does not make a rational minded person feel any safer.                                                 


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-Iraq War Repeats Failed US Military Policies of the Past


     One of the greatest disappointments since America’s involvement in Vietnam that lasted from the 1940’s until the United States left defeated in 1975 is America’s involvement in Iraq.
     Both wars were spawned by generations of politicians that have ignored the lessons learned from WWI and WWII. On June 28, 1919 the Germans signed the Treaty of Versailles in defeat and shortly thereafter the United States called its soldiers home.

     There was no long-term plan to rebuild Germany after the Allies crushed them. Following the war, Germany was destitute and from that toxic soup, future dictator Adolph Hitler rose up via the National Socialist German Workers' Party or Nazi Party.

     By the mid 1930’s, Adolph Hitler had amassed a formidable army and began invading his neighbors like Poland and Russia resulting in the deaths of millions of people. Eventually the Allies were forced to raise tremendous resources to crush Germany. WWII ended when Germany surrendered on May 7, 1945.
VE Day -

     On June 5, 1947, Secretary of State George C. Marshall proposed a plan to restore Europe and to prevent political chaos after the war. Then President Harry S. Truman signed the Economic Cooperation Act of 1948 better known as the Marshall plan into law, thus preventing another despot from rising to power while checking the Soviet Union’s threat to the region.

     Fast-forward to Korea and Vietnam and you would swear the United States forgot how to invade, occupy and rebuild the areas it has previously destroyed into a system of government and economics that we could relate to.

     Instead the United States engaged in a half-baked invasion of Korea and Vietnam that resulted in splitting Korea with China at the 38th parallel on July 27, 1953 while the Vietnam War resulted in the United States ditching the entire effort on April 30, 1975.
Evacuation of Saigon 1975 -

     Although the United States was operating under the concept of containing the spread of Soviet and Chinese communist influence, it put forth an effort that paled by comparison to the effort to conquer Germany in the 1940’s.

     Since then, Korea has become the forgotten war and Vietnam is considered to be one of the biggest disasters in this countries’ history. The My Lai Massacre which resulted in the systematic execution of Vietnamese by US soldiers accents this feeling among those who were against the war.

My Lai Massacre - Ron Haeberle
     Fast-forward to the first Iraq war in January 1991. Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. The response by the United States was Operation Desert Storm, a well planned and executed bombing of Iraq’s forces that resulted in Hussein leaving Kuwait after 42 days of intense bombing.

     By February 28, George H. W. Bush declared a ceasefire and shortly thereafter US troops left. Hussein, the man who has been accused of gassing thousands of Kurds in Halabja back in March 16, 1988, was still in power.

     As with the sickening photos taken by Ron Haeberle in My Lai back in 1968, photos of a dead Kurdish woman clutching her dead baby while lying in the street were equally sickening.

Halabja chemical attack by Iraq in 1988 -

     Yet a once great super power capable of putting down Adolph Hitler left a tyrant like Saddam Hussein in power when its forces were right on his doorstep.

Saddam Hussein's Hanging

     Fast-forward again to the second Iraq war and this time George W. Bush, the second Bush to hold the office of president, invaded Iraq in March of 2003. By December 29, 2006, Hussein was hung and his body was buried at Awja, near Tikrit where his two sons were buried after they were shot to death by US forces in the Iraqi city of Mosul on July 22, 2003.

    Finally it seemed that America could bury a leader that deserved a cemetery plot after all the disgusting acts that he performed. So by 2011, under Barack H. Obama, US forces have, for the most part, left Iraq.

     Was the job complete as with the dethroning of Hussein or Hitler? As of 2014, eleven years after the beginning of the second gulf war, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, has taken over large portions of Iraq as the communists, or Nazi Party, would have if the United States and her allies had left Germany in 1945.
ISIS Militants -


     Now short-term war strategy fools that we have running Washington DC are contemplating how they are going to destroy ISIS. It’s simple. Pick up a history book and read about World War II.



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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

-Fear Mongers Activate over Concealed Carry Permits

By HarryUSA

      In response to the Illinois State police mailing out thousands of concealed carry permits last month, Chicago Police Superintendent, Gary McCarthy issued the usual anti-gun fear speech on ABC News.

  photo garymccarthy_zps369d3764.jpg
Chicago Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy []
“There are going to be confrontation situations. We’re hearing stories across the country about people getting shot over ‘thug music,’ right? Or somebody throwing popcorn in a movie theater,” he said. “These things are going to come, as sure as we’re standing here.”

     The same argument could be issued over the sale of cars in Illinois. "There's going to be drunk driving. People are going to speed and hit children crossing the road. No one will be safe!"

     Without digging up all of the usual boring statistics, we can use our common knowledge and ask a few simple questions to determine if trained people carrying guns are a safety risk to our families.

     Wisconsin was the 49th state to enact concealed carry legislation back in July of 2011. Since then how many mass shootings have happened in Wisconsin? How many people have been gunned down by wild-eyed concealed carry permit holders?

     Hundreds of applicants have been denied permits and several hundred permit holders have had their permits revoked; but for non-violent reasons.

     You can Google search all you want, and you won't find an epidemic of mass shootings in Wisconsin or in any other state by concealed carry permit holders. You will find mass shootings performed by psychos, but your chances of getting shot by a concealed carry permit holder in Wisconsin or anywhere else is like getting stampeded after a Green Bay Packers game. It's unheard of.

     Since 2004, there have been several mass shootings in Wisconsin, none of which were the fault of concealed carry permit holders in that state because the shootings happened before Wisconsin allowed concealed carry for civilians.

     In 2004, Chai Vang was sentenced to life in prison for killing eight people while deer hunting.  In 2007, Ambrosio Analco murdered six people including his infant sons.

     Although these acts of violence are reprehensible, and there were more, however they all happened before concealed carry was enacted. Proving that if someone wishes to commit a crime with a weapon, permit or not, there is not much anyone can do about it unless someone there is armed to stop it.

     In 2007 Jeanne Assam blew away Matthew Murray after he killed sixteen-year-old Rachael Works and her eighteen-year-old sister Stephanie Works in a Colorado New Life Church parking lot. Their father David Works was fifty-one at the time and he survived his injuries. 

                     photo jeanneassam_zps7d9d5c83.jpg
                     Jeanne Assam []
     Jeanne Assam had worked as a police officer in another state and was currently working as a security guard at the church armed with a pistol and a concealed carry permit. Her actions saved the lives of countless people. This proves that the only way to stop a retrograde with a gun is a good guy with a gun using it in accordance with the law.

     Gang violence has nothing to do with concealed carry permits. You don't need a concealed carry permit to do a drive-by only to ditch the weapon afterwards to avoid getting pinched for the crime.

     The City of Chicago uses firearms as scape-goats to avoid the fundamental issues that plague the city. Chicago like Los Angeles has armies of street gangs that are their primary source of violence.

     The drug money in Chicago that fuels gangs violence circulates like a green tornado, while the Chicago political, police, and media propagandists keep the focus on guns and not poverty; the root source of gang violence.

     How many Chicago Police have to be stung by the FBI before it becomes clear as to who is pocketing some of the green tornado as well as the defense attorneys that represent Chicago area drug dealers?

     We don't live in a perfect world. Some permit holders will screw up and cause problems. The first person in Illinois history to have his permit revoked was fifty-four year old William P. O'Connell who has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for pulling a gun out during an argument over rent money.

     But since Gary McCarthy cast his shadow of doom over CCW on ABC noise in March, earlier this month, a fifty-three year old Austin man had a gun pointed at him by one of two scabies wearing hoodies. This concealed carry permit holder drew his weapon and shot at them. The two miscreants fled for their miserable lives sparing the concealed carry permit holder his life in the process.

     Time will tell, but we are more likely to read about concealed carry permit holders defending themselves with a firearm rather than crimes committed by the same. If CCW was a bad idea, if it was such a disaster nationwide, then why haven't other states repealed their CCW laws? Where is the data to show that CCW permit holders go on nationwide shooting sprees and are a threat to our families?


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Friday, April 11, 2014

-Belle Knox, A Feminist in the Porn Business


It has been around seven months since pro-porn feminist crusader Belle Knox entered the sex industry and began making X-rated videos for producers like Adam & Eve, Facial Abuse, Babes, Teen Fidelity, and Reality Kings.     

           Unlike most sex-based performers who simply blend into the background of a multi-billion dollar male dominated sex-trade, Knox, an outspoken Duke University student who has received viral international media attention via outlets like CNN and the BBC, claims to be a feminist sex worker. 

             photo belle-knox1_zps276ea032.jpg
                  Belle Knox  [Retrieved from]

In a recent interview with Time she said, “Feminism means I can take ownership of what I enjoy sexually and that sexuality does not have to determine anything else about me. You might. But I will not...feminism is not a one size fits all movement.”

Her views contrast the views of Gloria Steinem and Andrea Dworkin who have, in the past, written that porn is violent and it promotes the subjugation of women. Although Steinem in a Huffington post interview has stated that “Porn means female slavery. Erotica is something quite different. Eros means love and free choice.” Yet Steinem has not shown where the line between porn and erotica is to be drawn. 

 photo 65e1ef72-0a07-494e-8d2b-f9e900344881_zpsa202e0d0.jpg      photo dworkin-podium_zps9c9d9dd6.jpg
 Gloria Steinem []                              Andrea Dworkin []

In Dworkin’s book “Men Possessing Women,” she writes about a thirteen year old girl that was forced into prostitution where the pimps and customers made pornographic images of her. Dworkin saw porn as a weapon used by men to dominate and destroy women. But is it fair to say that all women in the porn business were forced in front of the camera by pimps? 

Although Knox seems to be agreeing with Steinem and Dworkin in an interview she did with the BBC. In the interview, Knox identified with the plight of other sex workers by stating that although millions of people consume porn, “Yet no one is willing to consider the lives of the people behind the camera. No one wants to hear about the abuses and exploitation that take place, no one wants to hear about the violence committed every day against sex workers, no one wants to consider that we have hopes and dreams and ambitions.” In the same article, she claims she entered the porn industry to pay her annual $60,000 tuition at Duke.

Knox is not the only porn star to make a big splash from the porn industry and into the international spotlight. In 1972 Linda Lovelace starred in a low budget stag movie called “Deep Throat.” Whenever interviewed about the movie, Lovelace claimed that she was forced into prostitution and pornography which included a few films of her having sex with a dog. When referring to her stint in the movie Deep Throat, Lovelace expressed her bitter feelings by saying, “When you see the movie ‘Deep Throat,’ you are watching me being raped…They made a few bucks off me, just like everybody else.”

  photo linda_zps6b0b24f8.jpg               photo deep_zpsd48e0673.jpg
 Linda Lovelace []                              XXX Movie Deep Throat 1972

In 1974 she made Deep Throat II. Lovelace died in a car crash back in 2002. 

The 1980’s saw the rise of another troubled porn star named Shauna Grant who was a na├»ve small town girl from Minnesota who made many adult movies produced by land sharks like coke-head Bobby Hollander. Grant committed suicide after contracting herpes, having an abortion, using Cocaine with her producer Hollander, and experiencing an estranged relationship with her live in boyfriend. 

  photo shauna_zps7658bc7a.jpg  photo grantbox_zps167a5367.jpg
 Shauna Grant []                                                          []

Like other porn stars of the past with troubles, Knox has admitted to cutting her left thigh because she was unhappy with her weight. She revealed the story behind the scars on her leg when Facial Abuse’s Jimmy Hooligan asked her about the cuts right before she was slapped, choked, and spit on during one of his productions on a website he runs called Facial Abuse. 

What could be more symptomatic of a girl in trouble but one who is explaining to an abusive pornographer how she abused herself because of the way she felt about her self-image? Her scars can easily be seen in her videos and still shoots. 

Despite her troubled past, Belle Knox has managed to appear on the View, Howard Stern, and other television programs where she explained her dive into the sex industry where she is in the forefront because of her outspokenness.

Knox claims that she wants to graduate from Duke University and then go on to law school to become an attorney. What firm could she work for considering her X-rated past? This is questionable unless she starts her own business. Law firms would probably avoid hiring her because it would cause juries to discount her credibility. 

Another problem she may not have anticipated is the fact that porn stars have short careers. How can she maintain her stardom long enough to make it through four years of college and three years of law school? In that seven year period she would have to have sex with several hundred people, risk STD’s, and over exposure which could lower her take home pay.

On the other hand, if Knox is fortunate enough, she could land higher salaries for her work because of her popularity and eventually get out of the sex industry as eighties porn star Traci Lords did and continue on outside of the porn business.

        photo traci_zps7d9eab53.jpg
        Traci Lords after the porn business. []

How Belle Knox’s career develops in the long run is anyone’s guess. Yet no one can deny that she is a troubled young lady who is articulate, ambitious, attractive, popular, and wealthy perhaps, yet headed down a very dangerous path as so many have trekked before her with cataclysmic results.




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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

-It's time for Angela Corey to step down


Just when you thought it was safe to return to the village, the prosecutorial monster from Florida’s fourth judicial court has, like Beowulf's nemesis Grendel, just raised her head from the murky waters that she travels in and has returned from her cesspool to terrorize the locals by overcharging defendants in highly politicized cases.

 photo angelacoreyphotonationalreview_zps20a96557.jpg
        Florida States Atty: Angela Corey [National Review Photo]

Angela Corey was appointed by Florida Governor Rick Scott to lead the prosecution of George Zimmerman as a result of political pressure he experienced back in 2012 when Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin, a violent teenager who attacked him.

     Black activists, anti-gun, anti-stand-your-ground, and anti-NRA advocates swarmed the press and governor’s office demanding that Zimmerman be prosecuted for shooting an unarmed teenager who had been previously suspended from school for fighting.

 photo govrickscottfloridaflgov_zps3245183a.jpg
                                   Florida Gov. Rick Scott [flagov photo]

     Martin also had a penchant for photography. There was a photograph on his cell phone of a young man’s hand, probably Martin’s, holding a semi-auto pistol over a stained mattress.

     Countless implications could be drawn from that photo alone considering Martin’s lack of character. Yet it was Zimmerman that was pegged as a racist for shooting the violent teenager in self-defense.

     Angela Corey’s attempt to charge Zimmerman with second-degree murder was laughable since second-degree murder is not a description for what happened in the altercation between Zimmerman and Martin. Yet Corey pushed for a second-degree conviction and lost miserably to an all female jury before an audience of millions that watched the trial live on television.

     Zimmerman was ultimately acquitted in court and branded as a racist by Oprah Winfrey and others. Despite his character being assassinated by numerous talking heads on television, Zimmerman recently sold one of his paintings for over $100,000 and has recently painted a picture of Angela Corey stating that she has “this much respect for the American Judicial System.” The painting shows her fingers pinched together.

     After losing so miserably before the eyes of millions of people on national television, one would think that Angela Corey would be more careful the next time a highly publicized case came around.

 photo jordan-davisphotoezkool_zpsd0c938a9.jpg
                                              Jordan Davis [ezkool photo]

     Back in November 2012, a white male, Michael Dunn, confronted a group of black youths who were playing loud music in their car by a gas station. There was a negative verbal exchange, then moments later Dunn fired into their car killing Jordan Davis and wounding several others.

     The killing of Davis was a clear case of second-degree murder or less. To qualify for a second-degree murder charge in Florida, the prosecutor has to prove that the “defendant acted according to a ‘depraved mind’ without regard for human life.” Second-degree murder does not require a prosecutor to prove premeditation.

 photo michael-dunnerockfordblog_zps5448cd2b.jpg
                                               Michael Dunn [erockfordblog]

     But after the state lost its attempt to convict Dunn on a first degree murder charge, despite the fact that there was no premeditative element involved, the jury convicted him on several attempted murder charges where Dunn shot and wounded Davis’ friends.

     Outrage spilled out from the anti-gun, anti-stand-your-ground propagandists. Once again, emotion was ruling the day and the cameras were rolling. Logic dictates that if Dunn just met Davis, then there was no time for a premeditative homicide. Therefore any competent states attorney would not have pressed first-degree homicide charges against Dunn. The jury ultimately did the right thing by doing what it could by convicting Dunn on several counts of attempted murder instead.

     Dunn could go to prison for a long time with the charges he was convicted of. But this is not good enough for Angela Corey. Despite the stupidity of charging and losing her attempt to jail Zimmerman on second-degree murder, she wants to retry Dunn so that she can convict him for the first-degree murder of Davis. Yet Dunn had just met Davis so this is hardly a case where a premeditative element would apply.

     Facts make no difference to Angela Corey who seems to love the camera more than Al Sharpton did during the Zimmerman affair. Corey is going to risk setting Dunn free on many legal technicalities according to Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz. According to Dershowitz in a CNN interview, Dunn was “overcharged,” and “Dunn could walk free due to Corey’s 'prosecutorial ineptitude.'”

     Dershowitz went on to say “The people of Florida ought to get smart and get rid of her.”

     The people should have recalled Corey after the Zimmerman case along with their Governor Rick Scott. To allow Corey to operate like a steamroller in a China shop with the throttle stuck to the floor to appease political pressure from activists and to look good in the eyes of the anti-stand-your-ground press is inexcusable.

     Corey needs to head back to her murky cesspool and stop terrorizing the locals with her style of overcharging defendants. She needs to leave the legal system to precision-minded lawyers who will charge defendants with the appropriate statutes given to them by the Florida legislature to obtain justice.


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